Formation of Companies


o "Business friendly" government

o Stable macroeconomic policies

o Specialized labor at competitive costs

o Guaranteed property rights

o Strong currency: the currency is the EURO

o Income tax: 9%

o 21% VAT

o Exemption from double taxation. For more information see:

o Unlimited transfer of profits

o A flying solo from Rome and Milan


o Stable macroeconomic policies

o "Business Friendly" Government

o Specialized labor at competitive costs

o Guaranteed property rights

o Income tax: 15%

o 20% VAT

o Exemption from double taxation

o Possibility of grants of up to 70% for new hires

Unlimited transfer of profits

o Direct flights from Rome and Milan


Establishment of a company in the desired state and registration in the same.

Leclubcinq helps you in the processing of all the necessary practices for the opening of srl and / or S.p.A. according to the right of the chosen state.

The members, or the single member, need to stay ONE DAY! We take care of oll the rest..

We prepare the forms, the bylaws, the deed of incorporation and the proxy. The members arrive in the chosen state and find all the documentation ready. A few minutes at the notary and at the bank and the procedure begins.

Upon delegation, we deliver the file to the Business Register and in 4-5 days your new company is ready and the account is opened. We withdraw the registration with the registration number, tax code and VAT number and send it to the members on the same day.

The service is "all inclusive": all the necessary activities will be carried out, there will be no surprise costs.

For members who do not have time to return to open the account: by proxy, we will conclude the account opening procedure. This service is FREE.



The costs for the accounting of Ltd., both in Montenegro and in Serbia, start from 180 euro/month (for 13 months: the 13th is paid in March for the preparation of the budget) and vary according to:

- number of incoming and outgoing invoices,

- number of employees of the company,

- annual revenue.

The activities performed by the accountant are:

- presentation of the VAT report: every 15th of the month for the previous month,

- processing of employee pay slips: calculation of all the costs borne by the employee and the employer,

- preparation of monthly VAT settlements

- preparation of coupons for settlement of taxes and contributions

- preparation of the financial statements: in March for the previous year, it includes the balance sheet, the income statement and the explanatory notes.

OPENING OF BANK ACCOUNTS in Montenegro - Serbia - Croatia – Bulgaria

Leclubcinq assists you in dealing with practices for opening bank accounts in all 4 states.

Upon your delegation, we collect the documentation with the account data (bank transfer instructions) and we transmit it on the same day.

Physical subjects: a foreign physical subject can open an account as a non-resident physical subject. Just send us your passport scan and we will check with our banks that it is eligible. We prepare the rest of the documentation. The Bancomat payment card will be ready in a few days. The interested party can return to collect it or we can do it by authenticated proxy and send it by express courier.

Legal entities: a foreign company can open an account as a non-resident legal entity. A legal representative will have to come and sign the documentation, we can not do it even by proxy. We can only submit to our banks the visa of the foreign company for a first check.

NewCo: if you rely on us for the opening of your new company, the document preparation and bank assistance service when opening an account is FREE!

 Our banks will activate the home-banking service for your companies at discounted prices. So you can check your statement and pay suppliers from anywhere.

PERMITS OF STAY / WORK in Montenegro - Serbia - Croatia - Bulgaria

Assistance for practices relating to obtaining PERMISSIONS OF STAY / WORK



If you have texts to be translated or revised, whether colloquial or specialist, Leclubcinq will provide you with a team of professionals with over 10 years experience in translating documents such as contracts, by-laws, regulations, minutes, company budgets, research market, letters of assignment, but also technical manuals, tender documents, tourist guides.

We carry out translations and revisions:

• from Italian to Serbian (or Montenegrin) and vice versa

• from English to Serbian (or Montenegrin) and vice versa

• from Russian to Serbian (or Montenegrin) and vice versa

• from French to Serbian (or Montenegrin) and vice versa

There is also a sworn translation service, which certifies that the translated document is in conformity with the original document.

If you want to ask for a free quote please write to specifying the source and destination languages ​​and the topic.

As for the interpreting service, please contact us if you need:

- interpreters for business meetings, consultancy and travel;

- hostesses and bilingual staff for trade shows, meetings or events in general;

- interpreting assistance for long periods.


Leclubcinq can become your strategic partner !!  
Companies must equip themselves with efficient and effective storage systems to achieve their purpose, and we can help you with this.

We can in fact manage, market and hire computer systems, hardware and software for electronic data storage and of documents for third parties, we can provide you with advice in the field of services for digitizing documents, document management in IT level and the development of solutions and environments for the conservation of relevant documentation in compliance with the current regulations.
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  I authorize the Company to inform me, by fax, email, sms, paper or other media, on commercial or informational initiatives, advertising communications, market surveys, prize programs and customer satisfaction surveys. At any time, I can ask to exercise the rights in accordance with current legislation.

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