Coffee Selling

Do you drink a coffee a day?

In the entire national territory we offer our espresso coffee machinses on loan for use.

Our customers with this accommodating system will enjoy the following benefits:

-One coffee machine on loan for use that can be used with paper filter pods or capsules (for home use, office use for your boat

or any other need).

-machine life warranty: in case of breakdown or anomaly will be substituted.

-maintenance and/or supplying in 48 hours.

- free delivery for orders of 250 pods/capules at time.

-The he minimum annual consumption is 20 boxes of 100pc.

- free orders in terms of quantities and products types

- Possibility to interrupt the contract at any time returning the machine back. The customer can order when and how he wants (telephone, fax, e-mail) in any case respecting the annual consumption.

- pods and capsules prices starting from 0,30 euro each

-14 coffee craft blends in pods or capsules, 13 beverages (tea, tisanes and infuses) and others soluble beverages (ginseng coffee, mokaccino ecc)

-we also offer pods and capsules without the machine starting from 0,27 euro each

you can get the machine on loan for use even taking 1 coffee a day with a small initial expense of 49 euro

Our loan for use service allows you to order what and how you want, choosing small quantities of different products ( you are not obliged to buy an entire box of one type of product)

We have 14 blends of coffee of different roasting , so you can taste all the type of coffee because with us it is not a problem.

Remember also teas, infuses, and the other soluble beverages like mokaccino and ginseng coffee.

We offer both capsules and paper filter pods machines, Italian products of first quality which guarantee reliability, last in time and first of all a cup of coffee of excellent quality

Our contract allows that the machine can be returned back at any time.


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